Parliament now wants indoor Salon for MPs

Female lawmakers have requested the establishment of a salon within Parliament premises to cater to their regular grooming needs. The suggestion, voiced by State Minister for Water and Environment Beatrice Anywar, emphasizes that having a beauty facility within Parliament would enhance their engagement in legislative activities.

During a morning session chaired by Speaker Anita Among, Minister Anywar expressed gratitude for the existing gym facility in Parliament but highlighted that some female members feel hesitant to use it. She explained that gyms are often associated with strenuous workouts that can disrupt hairstyles and manicures, which are important aspects of femininity.

Drawing from her own experience, Minister Anywar emphasized the significance of maintaining personal grooming standards for female legislators. She suggested that having a salon onsite would allow women to arrive early, spend time on grooming, and then fully participate in parliamentary proceedings.

Minister Anywar, known previously as 'Mama Mabira' for her efforts to protect Uganda's natural rainforest, is now advocating for the establishment of a salon within Parliament. This request, although unconventional, is not unprecedented, as Parliament has been the center of various unusual demands in recent years, including calls for infrastructure projects like a flyover to improve accessibility for lawmakers.

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