Man on the Run for killing Stepson after breaking up with Mother

A man is currently fleeing from authorities after allegedly killing his stepson in a tragic incident stemming from a dispute and subsequent separation from the child's mother.

According to police spokesperson Fred Enanga, the suspect, identified as Vincent Ssekanjako, aged 40, worked as a casual laborer in Temangalo village, Wakiso. He is accused of murdering three-year-old Muwanguzi Muyige as an act of retaliation following the breakup with the child's mother.

Enanga explained that the suspect and Florence Nakintu lived together as a couple with Nakintu's son from a previous relationship. However, their relationship deteriorated on March 25th after Nakintu accused Ssekanjako of stealing a mobile phone, TV, and 100,000 shillings from their home, leading to a physical altercation.

As a result of the fight, Nakintu left their home with her child and sought refuge with a friend at Temangalo trading center. The following day, Ssekanjako visited Nakintu, persuaded her to return home, and took the stepson with him under the guise of buying him a soda. However, he never returned with the child.

Concerned when they did not return, Nakintu raised the alarm, prompting a search by community members. Tragically, the child's lifeless body was found in a room adjacent to their house, having been fatally struck in the head by Ssekanjako with a sharp object.

Ssekanjako fled the scene before the body was discovered and is currently at large. Enanga emphasized the seriousness of the crime and pledged to apprehend the suspect, stating that efforts to track him down would continue until he is brought to justice.

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