Man Arrested for Suspected Murder of Wife in Rukungiri District

A tragic incident has unfolded in Nyakishenyi Sub County of Rukungiri District, resulting in the arrest of a 54-year-old man accused of killing his 44-year-old wife.

The suspect, identified as James Kashaija, is currently in custody at Rukungiri Central Police station following the alleged murder of his wife, Enid Ndyomugyenyi. Enid, a resident of Rwanama village, Kahoko Parish, Nyakishenyi Sub County, tragically lost her life in an incident that occurred this week on Wednesday, around 11:00 PM, as reported by the police.

According to police reports, the harrowing event unfolded after the deceased returned home from a social gathering at Omukikona trading center. Kashaija, reportedly under the influence of alcohol, is said to have assaulted his wife using black gumboots, targeting her chest and back.

The situation escalated further when Kashaija allegedly dragged his wife off the bed onto the floor, where he continued to assault her legs, knees, and neck with an old piece of timber. This brutal attack left Enid defenseless and unclothed on the floor.

Elly Maate, the police spokesperson for the Kigezi region, shared insights into the police response to the incident. Upon receiving the distressing report, law enforcement promptly visited the scene of the crime. There, they conducted meticulous examinations, collected evidence, and obtained statements from pertinent witnesses.

As part of their investigation, police recovered key pieces of evidence including the black gumboots and the piece of timber allegedly used in the assault. Following these findings, James Kashaija was apprehended by authorities.

Tragically, the body of Enid Ndyomugyenyi was transferred to Rwakabengo Health Center III mortuary for postmortem examination. This grim event serves as a stark reminder of the grave consequences of domestic violence and the need for swift and thorough legal action in such cases.

The Rukungiri community mourns the loss of Enid Ndyomugyenyi and stands united against such senseless acts of violence within families. The police continue to urge anyone with information relevant to the case to come forward and assist in the investigation, ensuring justice is served for the victim.

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