Gov’t denies having NUP Missing Supporters

The National Unity Platform (NUP) is currently in a legal dispute with the Ugandan government, alleging that 18 of its members have been kidnapped. The party has taken the matter to the High Court in Kampala, seeking the return of the missing individuals.

However, the government, represented by the Attorney General, has vehemently denied these accusations. They have submitted four sworn statements (affidavits) asserting that they have no knowledge of the whereabouts of the missing persons. This contradicts earlier statements made by some government officials, leading to confusion.

Lawyer George Musisi, representing the families of the missing persons, has pointed out these discrepancies. He has highlighted instances where government officials, including a minister and a police spokesperson, had previously acknowledged the detention of some of the missing individuals, contradicting the government's current stance.

The Attorney General has been instructed to provide additional evidence supporting their denials by April 24th, 2023. This ongoing case is expected to see further developments as the court assesses the evidence presented by both parties.

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