Former Kyambogo University Boss Summoned Over Sexualizing a Minor

The future of Dr. Lawrence Eron, the former deputy vice-chancellor of Kyambogo University, is now in the hands of the university's appointments board. Accused of sexual misconduct, an investigating committee found him guilty of gross sexual harassment and behavior damaging to the university's reputation. 

Eron, responsible for finance, administration, and the dean of special needs and rehabilitation, allegedly committed these acts against a visually impaired minor who was part of a university project. Despite the investigations, Eron has not appeared, leading to charges of insubordination and dereliction of duty.

The appointments board, after receiving the committee's report, has temporarily suspended Eron from the payroll until a final decision is made. Efforts to locate Eron, including involving the police, have been unsuccessful. He has been given 14 days to respond to the accusations. Despite these developments, the university denies any attempts to shield Eron and emphasizes its commitment to addressing the situation within its policies and guidelines.

Eron's legal troubles began when he was arrested last year and subsequently absconded from a police bond. The Director of Public Prosecution sanctioned charges against him for aggravated defilement. However, Eron's disappearance and subsequent actions suggest he may have been tipped off about the legal proceedings.

Kyambogo University has called for an end to misinformation surrounding the case and appeals for space to handle the matter appropriately. They also announced plans to enhance their ethical standards and implement an anti-sexual harassment policy to ensure accountability for such actions in the future.

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