EU Official's Deleted Tweet on Bobi Wine's LGBTQ Advocacy Sparks Debates Online

A tweet from David Vidal Sans, a Digital Communications specialist at the European Union Parliament, praising Robert Kyagulanyi, also known as Bobi Wine, for his advocacy of human rights, including LGBTQ rights in Uganda, was deleted after its initial posting. 

The tweet, referring to Kyagulanyi as the "People’s president" and highlighting his role in a documentary, circulated on social media despite its removal.

The incident sparked online discussions in Uganda, particularly regarding Kyagulanyi's stance on LGBTQ issues. Dr. Abed Bwanika of Masaka City's Kimaanya Kabonera Division submitted a petition to the National Unity Platform (NUP) leadership, urging clarity on the party's position regarding LGBTQ rights. Dr. Bwanika cited concerns over Kyagulanyi's alleged support for LGBTQ rights, referencing international media interviews and associations with LGBTQ activists and sponsors.

Dr. Bwanika emphasized the need for transparency within NUP, especially regarding concerns raised by Ugandans, particularly parents, regarding the party's stance on LGBTQ issues. 

In a 2023 BBC interview, Kyagulanyi criticized Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Act, attributing its passage to political motives rather than genuine concern for Ugandans' welfare. Kyagulanyi's cautious response to questions about repealing the law if elected president suggests his delicate balance between projecting a liberal image to Western donors and maintaining support among conservative constituents.

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