Single Kampala Deputy Lord Mayor Ballooned


Kampala's Deputy Lord Mayor, Nyanjura Doreen, has been notably absent from public functions recently due to her advanced pregnancy. The news of her pregnancy was revealed as she made a rare appearance at a recent eulogy session in honor of the late Toka Kwabarabara singer, Adam Mulwana, at Katonga.

Despite her discreet presence, Nyanjura could not escape the attention of those present, especially the many journalists covering the event. She appeared in an overflowing long dress, strategically seated next to elder Wafula Oguttu, while using her bag to shield her growing baby bump from prying eyes.

Reports suggest that Nyanjura's pregnancy is several months along, and the father of her child is not one of the usual suspects from the political sphere or the "big men" in the struggle, as one might expect. Instead, the father is reportedly a civil society activist in Kampala, whose identity remains undisclosed for now.

Both Nyanjura and her partner, whose identity she guards more closely than the pregnancy itself, are reportedly thrilled as they eagerly await the arrival of their child. This will be Nyanjura's second child; her first, who is approximately 10 years old, was fathered by renowned Kampala auditor, Bob Kabaziguruka, the younger brother of former Nakawa MP Mike Kabaziguruka. Notably, Bob and Nyanjura parted ways not long after the birth of their child.

The timing of this pregnancy could add a layer of complexity to Nyanjura's political ambitions, particularly as she contemplates running for a seat in her native Kyenjojo district ahead of the 2026 general elections. Despite these personal developments, Nyanjura remains one of the most inspiring young leaders in contemporary Uganda.

Nyanjura Doreen's journey to motherhood, intertwined with her political aspirations, adds a human touch to her public persona. As she navigates this new chapter in her life, we can only hope for the best for her and her growing family.

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