Seeta police officer commits suicide after losing Shs 800,000 bet


A police constable Shadiq Hussein Baguma has ended his life after losing Shs 800,000 that was placed under his care to sports betting.

A civilian reportedly entrusted Baguma with the money for fear that he could be attacked since it was late. However, Buguma decided to take the money for betting with the hope that he could make spontaneous profits before the owner picked it up the following day.
Unfortunately, he lost his bet and all the money he had been entrusted with. Detectives from Seeta say Baguma contacted his peers including relatives to help him replace the money in vain.

“Please I need your help. I must replace this man’s money because it will cause me problems. Kindly help me. If you don’t help me out, you never see me again,” read the texts Baguma sent out to his relatives on March 4, 2024, according to detectives.

After failing to get help, Baguma waited for night hours and quietly entered his single room in the Namanve police barracks. Five days later, neighbours in the barracks noticed a strange stench emerging from Baguma’s house. Police officers broke the door and found Baguma hanging dead.

Luke Owoyesigyire, the deputy Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson said Seeta police station was notified and dispatched detectives who documented the scene. 
“We suspect that our officer committed suicide according to information that has been provided by the relatives and his colleagues. He tried to get money from many people but he did not succeed. We have conveyed his body to Mulago hospital and investigations continued,” Owoyesigyire said.

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