Namagunga Accident Causes Traffic Diversion on Kampala-Jinja Road

In a harrowing incident that unfolded on Sunday, March 3, 2024, chaos ensued on the usually bustling Kampala-Jinja highway as a trailer, identified as Benz KDD 531H, lost control near Namagunga. The aftermath left a trail of destruction as the vehicle collided with a pickup double cabin before its container detached, crashing onto a tipper truck.

Michael Kananura, the spokesperson for the Police’s Traffic and Safety Directorate, described the scene as "grave," emphasizing the severity of the situation. The wreckage effectively blocked the entire roadway, leading law enforcement to quickly respond and initiate traffic diversions for the safety of motorists.

"We have responded to a grave road traffic accident at Namagunga involving a trailer, tipper, and a pickup, effectively blocking the Kampala-Jinja highway," stated Kananura.

Travelers planning journeys to or from Jinja are strongly advised to consider alternative routes to avoid the congestion and potential hazards. Kananura recommended the Mukono-Katosi road or the Mukono-Kayunga Njeru road as viable options until the highway is cleared.

In efforts to manage the flow of traffic and prevent further chaos, Kananura outlined the diversion routes put in place: "Traffic heading towards Jinja is being diverted through Katosi at Wantoni-Mukono, while Njeru is directing traffic towards Kampala using the same route," he explained.

Photographs shared by the Police depicted the extensive wreckage, showcasing the challenging task faced by authorities in clearing the highway. The images revealed the trailer, tipper truck, and pickup entangled in a mass of twisted metal, illustrating the magnitude of the accident.

For commuters and travelers using the Kampala-Jinja highway, patience and caution are urged during this period of rerouted traffic. Authorities are working diligently to clear the roadway and restore safe passage for all motorists.

Stay tuned for further updates as the situation develops.

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