Shocking revelations have surfaced regarding the clash between Rubaga's Deputy Resident City Commissioner, Herbert Anderson Burora, now suspended, and the Speaker of Parliament, Rt Hon Anita Annet Among.

Burora, who was suspended on March 14th, 2024, received a letter signed by the Secretary in the Office of the President, Haji Yunusu Kakande, citing continued violations of Uganda's public service standing orders 2021. These breaches reportedly fell under sections F-r paragraphs h, i, p, and t, as well as paragraphs 1-2.

His suspension came after he failed to provide satisfactory explanations during an impromptu meeting where he was summoned to account for statements made on his social media platforms against government officials, without prior authorization from his supervisors.

In the letter, Burora was instructed to hand over his office, government vehicle, and all government property to Ms. Doreen Keita, the Deputy RCC Central Division. Currently on leave, Burora contemplates his next steps amidst these developments.

Before his suspension, Burora engaged in a heated online campaign against the Speaker of Parliament, sparking controversy. Some observers suggest that his attacks were not merely about parliamentary issues but rather targeted personal assaults on the Speaker.

According to sources within the parliamentary circles, the genesis of this conflict traces back to an incident on the eve of the NRM register update function, chaired by party chairman Gen Yoweri K Museveni. Burora allegedly visited the Speaker's office, claiming to possess urgent intelligence to share.

His purported intelligence detailed a scheme involving the NRM National Vice Chairman, Al Hajji Moses Kigongo, who allegedly tasked Burora with printing hundreds of party T-shirts denouncing Speaker Anita Among. Burora claimed that this was to embarrass the Speaker in front of party leaders, including the Central Executive Committee (CEC), attending the event.

Burora further alleged that Hajji Kigongo and other CEC members assured him of a lucrative government position if he successfully executed the task. He claimed to have received a deposit of Shs 20m to print the T-shirts.

Upon sharing this information with the Speaker's office, Burora was requested to provide samples of the T-shirts as evidence. However, he failed to produce any, leaving his claims unsubstantiated.

Subsequently, he was asked to return with the samples, with the promise that his claims would be taken into consideration. Burora left the office adamant and has since expressed intentions to escalate the conflict with the Speaker.

Burora's Political Evolution

A former ally, Norman Tumuhimbise, once a companion in street demonstrations and member of the infamous Yellow Pigs at Parliament, described Burora as a "political off-layer" and a person not deserving of sympathy.

Tumuhimbise recounted Burora's entry into activism, noting his initial involvement in demonstrations alongside supporters of Rt. Hon. Amama Mbabazi's presidential bid in 2015. However, Burora's lack of active participation and subsequent disillusionment led him to seek other paths.

Burora's shift in allegiance, Tumuhimbise alleges, occurred after failing to secure financial support from Mbabazi's camp. This setback seemingly pushed Burora towards opportunistic moves, eventually leading to his recruitment into the Office of the President through a recommendation by Molly Kamukama, the former PPS.

Tumuhimbise further revealed Burora's betrayal, citing instances where he spied on fellow activists, even disclosing locations where they planned to dump yellow pigs during protests.

In light of these revelations, it appears that Burora, once a part of the activist community, has taken advantage of various situations for personal gain, concealing his actions under the guise of activism.

The unfolding saga between Herbert Anderson Burora and Speaker Anita Among underscores the complexities within Uganda's political landscape, shedding light on personal vendettas and opportunistic maneuvers amidst the corridors of power.

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