I Will Not Resign - Mpuuga Fires Back at NUP

The recent call for resignation from the position of Parliamentary Commissioner by Hon. Mathias Mpuuga, a prominent figure within the National Unity Platform (NUP), has sparked a wave of controversy and debate. In a statement released by Mpuuga himself, he firmly declines the call, citing what he describes as "falsehoods and terrible misapprehension of facts."

Mpuuga begins his statement by reaffirming his commitment to the core values of the NUP, emphasizing his dedication to serving the party and educating those interested in the culture of institutional building. He goes on to explain the duties and roles of the Parliamentary Commission, highlighting its responsibilities in allocating funds to political offices, including the Leader of Opposition's (LOP) office.

Regarding the allegations of corruption surrounding the payments made under the Commission's purview, Mpuuga vehemently denies any wrongdoing. He argues that such payments are a standard part of parliamentary operations and have been a practice for both current and previous Members of Parliament. To label these payments as corruption, he asserts, is a deliberate misrepresentation of facts.

In the face of what he describes as a deliberate campaign to assassinate his character, Mpuuga remains resolute. He acknowledges the orchestrated nature of the attacks against him, labeling them as "well-funded" and "well-orchestrated." Despite this, he expresses his readiness to face any challenges that come his way, stating that he is committed to returning "sanity and common sense" to politics.

Throughout his statement, Mpuuga emphasizes his dedication to the NUP and the larger cause of fighting corruption within the party. He declines the call for resignation, citing the need to continue raising important questions about the party's actions and direction. He acknowledges the internal intrigues within the party but remains steadfast in his commitment to serve above self-interest.

Below is his full statement;

My attention has been drawn to an unsigned document purportedly attributed to my Party, the National Unity Platform; calling for my resignation inter-alia based on falsehoods and terrible misapprehension of facts including basic ones. Let me initially reconfirm my commitment to the core values of the Party, which I verily understand and cherish more than many now, embroiled in mischief. I shall continue to be of service to my Party among others; in helping to educate all those interested and able to learn the culture of institutional building.

The duties and roles of the Parliamentary Commission are well stipulated in the laws of the land, and coughed in basic language. An issue I shared and labored to educate my comrades with whom we interacted in an informal conversation at the party offices. It is the same commission that votes funds to all political offices, including the LOP’s office. It takes care of the welfare of ordinary members and their leaders in Parliament, including determining the range of legally permissible payments, that may be salary, allowances, gratuity, honoraria, car grants among others. Every decision of the Commission to confer or reward anyone under its charge, is subjected to the relevant committees of Parliament for legality, feasibility, sustainability and relevancy.

To call any such payments corruption is the highest level of spite, double standards and deliberate misrepresentation to the public and membership of the Party on a purely selfish mission. If such payments amounted to corruption, all current and previous MPs would be compelled to refund to the public coffers monies paid as gratuity or honoraria since no MP, current and previous was not paid gratuity at the determination of the parliamentary Commission. The general public has every right to question the decisions of their leaders at every level.

This right should never be exploited by self-seekers, opportunists and populists to undermine, berate and smear those they consider in unpalatable terms to their brand of politics. The campaign to character assassinate me is deliberate, and I am perfectly aware. It’s well orchestrated and well-funded. I am ready for the worst, if it takes this sacrifice to return sanity and common sense to our politics. I am available as ever to help this young party rid any form of corruption from its rank and file and especially that ingrained at the base of the party. I accordingly decline the cowardly call on me to resign as a parliamentary Commissioner, based on spite, envy and deliberate misrepresentation.

The general public is aware and alive to the internal intrigue and machinations unfortunately within this young party over the last 2 years, during my occupation of the coveted office of the LOP. It became the official style of different party leaders to undermine my work, including hiring of bloggers to abuse and insult my person. I stayed committed and calm throughout these most compelling times, because the call to serve above self remained my creed.

I wish to assure the general membership of NUP and all change seeking forces that, this shall remain my resolve; and I cannot be deterred by small-group-family interests being peddled to blur the bigger picture of how the Party is being managed without transparency. I will not stop raising important questions on the actions, motivation and direction of different actors in the Party, even in the face of the current tribulations, well- choreographed to undermine and depict me as unfit to lead. Mathias Mpuuga, MP Parliamentary Commissioner

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