Female Workers Protest Sexual Harassment by Bosses at Entebbe Airport


A storm of protest has erupted at Menzies (Entebbe Handling Services) as female employees bravely come forward to expose alleged sexual harassment by one of the Acting Station Managers.

Whistleblowers within the company have provided compelling evidence, including audio recordings with their voices altered for their protection using an app.

Since the release of an initial letter detailing the misconduct, the victims claim they have faced threats of police involvement and termination of employment from their alleged abusers. Shockingly, some victims have been silenced, with the allegations dismissed as consensual engagements by those accused.

The employees have made it clear that any situation where a woman is coerced into sexual acts or is asked to engage in such acts with superiors in exchange for job security or related benefits cannot be considered consensual. Furthermore, termination of employment as a form of retaliation by the abuser is deemed a grave form of sexual harassment.

A plea has been made to all stakeholders, including the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority, Menzies Aviation Upper Management, and airline officials, to ensure a fair investigation is conducted without intimidating the victims. The employees have vowed to provide more evidence as investigations progress.

In a strong denial, the accused managers maintain their innocence.

Letters Verbatim:




After unsuccessful attempts to address concerns through Menzies Group’s Speak Up portal and whistleblowing campaigns, the staff of Menzies Uganda has taken the matter public to the Aviation community at Entebbe International Airport. The focus is on ending the alleged sexual harassment within the company.

Acting Station Manager PXX OXX is accused of sexually harassing female staff, leveraging the unregulated contract worker policy to promise permanent contracts. He allegedly uses threats of imprisonment, claiming to be a Chief of Military Intelligence officer, and violates Uganda’s employment act by keeping staff on contract for more than two years.

Terminations or contract terminations reportedly occur when staff refuses his advances. Any staff challenging him is replaced by a family member or friend. Mr OXX is also accused of human trafficking, embarrassing staff in front of passengers and airline officials, yet Menzies promotes him despite complaints.

The Human Resource Manager, Mr AXXX JXXX, is alleged to cover up complaints and suppress investigations into sexual harassment charges. He and his senior assistant are accused of sexual misconduct with staff and exploiting women who apply for jobs. The General Manager is allegedly inaccessible, blocked by the Human Resources Manager.

The employees call for action from all Airlines handled by Menzies, the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority, and Menzies Group to address the exploitation issues.

They demand a swift investigation and the dismissal of guilty managers at Entebbe International Airport. Additionally, they call for an end to contractual employment at the airport.

The employees urge the legal fraternity and Aviation Industry to ensure their voices are heard without bias and to fight for their rights as daughters, wives, nieces, and friends. They hope for a resolution within seven working days for industrial harmony.

This is a call to action to end the exploitation and harassment of workers at Entebbe International Airport.

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