Ex-Jinja Road DPC Hands Self In, Detained Over Shooting and Raping Wife

Embattled Jinja Road Division Police Commander Julius Ahimbisibwe, accused of shooting and injuring the mother of his two children, as well as raping her, has surrendered himself a week after he went missing.

Ahimbisibwe turned himself in at the Nsambya detention center facing tentative charges of rape, assault, and attempted murder, according to police sources. A police official stated, "He handed himself over with his gun to the railway police station."

Detectives from Nsangi Police Station, investigating the matter, have recorded a statement from Ahimbisibwe, even as reports suggest some of his family members have approached his wife for an out-of-court settlement.

"There is pressure from some of his family members who want the matter settled out of court, but this is a criminal matter that the State has interest in now," the source mentioned.

Ahimbisibwe, who was expected to surrender last Friday, reportedly went missing after switching off his known mobile phones.

Security sources revealed that Ahimbisibwe had contacted his superiors last Thursday, expressing his intention to surrender on Friday but failed to do so.

The victim reported the incident to the police, recounting the harrowing events of the night of March 5, according to sources.

Preliminary findings indicate Ahimbisibwe arrived at his former wife's residence in the early hours of March 5. Neighbors recounted that he forced his way in after knocking on the gate repeatedly, leading to an altercation. During the struggle, Ahimbisibwe allegedly assaulted the victim, holding her by the neck while brandishing a pistol.

In the ensuing chaos, the victim managed to fend him off, resulting in a gunshot wound to her shoulder. She was rushed to Mulago Hospital for medical treatment.

At the hospital, Ahimbisibwe reportedly falsely claimed to security personnel and medics in the casualty ward that the victim was his sister, shot by unknown assailants. He insisted on treating her himself and taking her back home.

Upon reaching home, Ahimbisibwe allegedly forced his former wife into sexual intercourse, following which he fell asleep. The victim seized the opportunity to flee and seek medical assistance before alerting her relatives.

Subsequently, officers from Nsangi Police Station raided Ahimbisibwe's home in Nakitokolo, Kyengera town council, Wakiso district, after receiving reports that he had shot and wounded his former wife during an argument.

Investigators have collected Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) samples from the crime scene and taken samples from the victim for analysis at the government analytical laboratory in Wandegeya, Kampala.

On Monday this week, police announced the replacement of Ahimbisibwe as Jinja Road police commander. Superintendent of Police Patrick Opiyo has been appointed as the new commander.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga confirmed the change, stating, "You know very well that Ahimbisibwe is under probe. He has been asked to step aside to pave the way for investigations."

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