Buganda Kingdom official arrested over Ndiga clan head’s murder

The Kampala Metropolitan Police has confirmed the arrest of Milly Naluwenda, a respected Buganda Kingdom traditional court clerk, in connection to the tragic murder of End Daniel Bbosa Lwomwa.

Details reveal that armed personnel, dressed in casual wear, apprehended Ms. Naluwenda on Thursday from her residence in Kitunzi Zone, Lungujja, Rubaga Division amidst chaotic scenes. Paul Werikhe, Naluwenda's son, recounted the harrowing event, describing how his mother was forcibly taken and bundled into a Toyota Hiace, colloquially known as "Drone."

In an official statement, Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson, Mr. Patrick Onyango, confirmed Ms. Naluwenda's detainment, citing substantial evidence indicating her extensive communication with one of the perpetrators involved in the murder of the late clan head.

"We urge members of her family to remain calm as investigations progress," Mr. Onyango stated, addressing concerns regarding the unfolding situation.

It remains to be seen whether Ms. Naluwenda's arrest directly correlates with the tragic demise of Omutaka Lwomwa or if there are other intricate layers to this unfolding saga.

Buganda Kingdom Mourns as New Clan Head Assumes Role
In the wake of these distressing events, the Buganda Kingdom Prime Minister, Owek Charles Peter Mayiga, extends a warm welcome to Eria Buzaabo Luggya Lwasi, the newly appointed Ndiga Clan Head. Lwasi has been selected to succeed the late Daniel Bbosa as burial arrangements commence.

Background on the Murder of Ndiga Clan Head

Eng Bbosa, a prominent figure aged 72 and the director of Transa Electrical, met his tragic fate while returning from Buikwe District on Sunday. Reports indicate that three assailants on a motorcycle ambushed him near his residence in Lungujja, Lubaga Division.

Providing insights into the chilling events, Police Spokesperson SCP Fred Enanga recounted that the assailants, riding motorcycle Reg No UFX 854F (disguised as UEX 754 E), initially lurked near Bbosa's residence at Kikandwa zone, Lungujja Parish.

Upon their attempt to flee, a brave bodaboda rider pursued and intercepted the assailants at Bulange–Mengo. The ensuing chaos led to the apprehension of two suspects, one of whom, Serunkuma Enock, tragically lost his life in the altercation. The other suspect, identified as Lujja Noah, sustained severe injuries and is currently under close CID watch at Mulago National Referral Hospital.

The hunt for the third suspect remains ongoing as authorities delve deeper into the circumstances surrounding this senseless act of violence.

Stay tuned for more updates as this investigation unfolds.

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