Ugandan Judge Who Voted in Favour of Isreal, JULIA SEBUTINDE Elected Vice President of International Court of Justice

Ugandan Judge Julia Sebutinde has made history once again by being elected as the Vice President of the International Court of Justice (ICJ). This prestigious appointment, announced by the ICJ, underscores Sebutinde's esteemed reputation within the international legal community.

Sebutinde, who has been a member of the ICJ since 2012, brings a wealth of experience to her new role. Prior to her tenure at the ICJ, she served as a judge at the Special Court for Sierra Leone, demonstrating her dedication to upholding justice on a global scale.

Her recent election as Vice President follows a notable moment where she stood out for her dissenting opinion on a high-profile case involving South Africa and Israel. In her dissent, Sebutinde emphasized the political nature of the dispute between Israel and Palestine, signaling her commitment to nuanced legal reasoning.

Born in February 1954, Sebutinde's journey to becoming a prominent international jurist began in Uganda, where she pursued her education at Lake Victoria Primary School and Gayaza High School. She later earned her bachelor of laws degree from Makerere University, setting the stage for her groundbreaking career in law.

This appointment marks Sebutinde's second term at the ICJ, solidifying her status as the first African woman to serve on this esteemed court. As she takes on the role of Vice President, Sebutinde's leadership and expertise promise to contribute significantly to the pursuit of justice and fairness in global legal affairs.

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