Jinja Man Killed After Catching His Wife Cheating

In a tragic turn of events on February 20, 2024, Denis Avaga, 27, an Askari guarding Madhvani sugarcane plantations in Mawoito A village, Kakira Town Council, Jinja district, was fatally stabbed by another man he discovered with his wife in their bedroom.

The night took a devastating turn when Avaga returned home from work around 10:00 pm, only to be met with the alarming screams of his wife, 32-year-old Agnes Agidru, from their bedroom.

According to James Mubi, the police spokesperson for the Kiira region, the commotion prompted Avaga to forcefully enter the room, revealing a heartbreaking scene. There, he found his wife entangled with another man identified as Raphael Onzima, 26, a sugarcane cutter employed by Kakira Sugar Limited and residing in Mutai camp, Kakira Town Council.

A heated altercation ensued between the two men as soon as the affair was discovered. Allegedly, the prime suspect, Raphael Onzima, grabbed a knife and inflicted fatal wounds on Denis Avaga—stabbing him in the chest, stomach, and arm. Avaga was swiftly rushed to Madhvani hospital for urgent medical care, but tragically succumbed to his injuries.

After the brutal act, Onzima fled the scene, stark naked, seeking refuge at Kakira CPS to evade the wrath of the enraged community.

Meanwhile, Agnes Agidru, also employed as a casual laborer at Kakira Sugar Limited, fled for safety in a similar manner, running naked to Wanyange in Kakira Town Council, where she sought concealment in a sugarcane plantation before being apprehended by the police.

Authorities have taken swift action, apprehending three additional suspects connected to the incident. Among them are Geoffrey Echoku, a neighbor who reportedly goaded on the confrontation between the two men until it turned fatal, Peter Ocheng, the landlord and owner of the murder weapon, and Pamela Ocheng, the landlord’s wife who allegedly cleaned the crime scene of blood.

Initial investigations suggest that Raphael Onzima and Agnes Agidru had been publicly displaying affection in Kakira Town Council, frequenting bars hand in hand and engaging in public displays of intimacy, giving the impression of a married couple.

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