FULL LIST: Top Secondary Schools Charge Exorbitant Fees...See How Much a Senior One Student Will Pay


In the wake of unprecedented economic challenges, parents across Uganda are joining forces to call on the government to intervene in regulating school fees, which have surged to exorbitant levels. The outcry extends beyond private institutions, encompassing even government-founded and Christian-founded schools, leaving families grappling with the burden of inflated education costs.

Families are contending with an array of economic pressures, from inflation to increased living costs, making it increasingly difficult to meet the escalating financial demands imposed by schools. The situation is particularly dire for parents with children enrolled in both private and government-founded institutions, as the cost of education continues to rise unabated.

The crisis has taken an unexpected turn with reports indicating that even government-founded schools are not immune to the spike in fees. Traditionally considered more affordable, these schools are also facing scrutiny for imposing fees that strain the financial capacities of parents, who argue that the original mandate of providing accessible education is being compromised.

Similarly, Christian-founded schools, which are often perceived as institutions with a commitment to social welfare, are also facing allegations of charging fees that are increasingly difficult for parents to bear. This has prompted questions about the alignment of these institutions with their founding principles and the impact on the broader community.

In response to this educational cost crisis, parents are now rallying to appeal to the government for urgent intervention. The collective plea is for the authorities to establish transparent mechanisms that will regulate and cap school fees, ensuring that education remains affordable for all, irrespective of economic circumstances.

Here is a list of fees for Senior One students at some of the top secondary schools in Uganda:

  1. Uganda Martyrs Namugongo: 3,155,000 UGX
  2. Nabisunsa Girls SS: 3,000,000 UGX
  3. Kyadondo Technical Institute Busabala: 1,100,000 UGX
  4. Kings College Buddo: 2,553,000 UGX
  5. Gayaza High School: 2,600,000 UGX
  6. Trinity College Nabbingo: 2,800,000 UGX
  7. Kawempe Muslim SS: 2,680,000 UGX
  8. St Joseph SS Naggalama: 2,350,000 UGX
  9. Gayaza High School: 2,600,000 UGX
  10. St Mary's Kitende: 3,300,000 UGX
  11. Mugwanya Summit College Kyengera: 1,060,000 UGX
  12. Mt St Mary's Namagunga: 2,480,000 UGX
  13. Buddo SS: 1,900,000 UGX
  14. St Mark's College Namagoma: 1,500,000 UGX
  15. Iganga SS: 1,800,000 UGX
  16. Ntare School: 2,020,000 UGX
  17. St Henry's College Kitovu: 2,170,000 UGX
  18. Seeta High School: 2,500,000 UGX
  19. Makerere College School: 2,504,000 UGX
  20. Namirembe Hillside High School: 2,500,000 UGX
  21. St Peters Nsambya SS: 1,500,000 UGX
  22. St Lucia Hill School Namagoma: 1,550,000 UGX
  23. Masaka Secondary School: 1,243,000 UGX
  24. St Lawrence SS Sonde Namugongo: 1,683,000 UGX
  25. Jinja SS: 570,000 UGX
  26. Bukoyo SS: 700,000 UGX
  27. Lango College, Lira City: 600,000 UGX
  28. Greenlight Islamic School Nansana: 1,295,000 UGX
  29. Gombe SSS: 2,100,000 UGX
  30. Pride SS Mityana: 650,000 UGX
  31. Kaliro High: 450,000 UGX
  32. Lweru SS Buikwe: 450,000 UGX

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