Zahara Totto Named Ambassador For Uganda Aviation Academy

Ugandan media luminary Zahara Totto born real name Nalumansi Zahara continues to carve new paths in her life, showcasing an unyielding commitment to personal and professional growth. 

Totto, a prominent figure at Next Media Services, has made a groundbreaking decision to enter the field of aviation, seamlessly integrating this new venture with her existing media prowess.

Having successfully completed her initial training as a cabin crew member, Zahara Totto has earned a noteworthy achievement—a scholarship from the Uganda Aviation Academy. 

The scholarship, a recognition of her dedication and accomplishments, was presented to her by Captain Mike Mukula, the Director of the esteemed institution.

In addition to the scholarship, the self-proclaimed “Field Marshal” has been bestowed with the honor of serving as an Ambassador for the Uganda Aviation Academy. This appointment is a testament to her standing in both the media and aviation realms, underscoring her ability to transcend boundaries and excel in diverse domains.

The decision to pursue aviation aligns with Totto’s ongoing commitment to personal and professional development, demonstrating her resilience and versatility. As she embarks on this new chapter, Zahara Totto’s journey in aviation promises to be a captivating exploration, showcasing her determination to reach new heights in both the media and aviation industries.


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