You should have retired from public life after your miserable performance in the general elections; Kadaga Blasts Prof Baryamureeba


Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga, a longstanding figure in Ugandan politics and current 1st Deputy Prime Minister, found herself in the midst of a social media storm when former Makerere Vice-Chancellor and 2016 presidential candidate Prof Venansius Baryamureeba suggested she should consider retirement for her health's sake.

Kadaga, who has been representing Kamuli district in parliament since 1989, recently lost her bid for the Speakership to the late Jacob Lo'kori Oulanyah. In response to a post about a visit from Law Development Centre students, Prof Baryamureeba commented on Kadaga's appearance, urging her to retire and enjoy the fruits of her labor.

In a quick and assertive response, Kadaga reminded Prof Baryamureeba that he, too, never retired from public life after a dismal performance in the 2016 general elections, where he garnered only 0.54% of the votes as a presidential candidate.

The exchange on Twitter sparked mixed reactions, with netizens bringing up Kadaga's role in the removal of the presidential age limit in 2017 during her tenure as Speaker. While some supported her, others questioned her legacy.

Prof Baryamureeba later clarified his comments, emphasizing that he suggested retirement for health reasons and to make way for new leadership. He cited President Museveni's remark about reconsidering support for Oulanyah if aware of his health issues, highlighting the importance of robust leadership.

The Twitter clash between Kadaga and Prof Baryamureeba has ignited discussions about the role of veteran politicians and their transitions into retirement, prompting reflections on legacy and the evolving political landscape in Uganda.

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