VIDEO! Meet man with the largest family in Uganda- Has 12 Wives, 102 Children, and Over 700 Grandchildren

 In the quiet village of Bugisa in Butaleja district, Uganda, Musa Hasahya Kasera, a 68-year-old villager, has found himself at the center of a unique and challenging lifestyle. With 12 wives, 102 children, and a staggering 578 grandchildren, Hasahya's life is a complex tapestry of family dynamics, financial struggles, and a fading memory.

The story began in 1972 when Hasahya, attracted by his status as a cattle trader and butcher, married his first wife in a traditional ceremony. Encouraged by family and friends, he continued to take on more wives, expanding the family in the hopes of building a lasting heritage.

However, with just two acres of land and failing health, Hasahya is grappling with the consequences of his decision. Two of his wives left due to the challenges of providing basics such as food, education, and clothing for the extensive family. The once-imposing family house is now rapidly deteriorating, and the wives have resorted to birth control to curb further expansion.

Reflecting on his situation, Hasahya admitted, "I don't expect to have more children because I have learned from my irresponsible act of producing so many children that I can't look after."

Despite the difficulties, Hasahya has become something of a tourist attraction in his village. Visitors are drawn to the uniqueness of his large family, and even though the house is deteriorating, there have been no reports of internal strife.

The challenges are evident, though. Many family members engage in chores for neighbors or travel long distances to fetch firewood and water, contributing to the family's sustenance. Monthly family meetings are organized to resolve disputes, and despite the overwhelming size of the family, Bugisa's local officials commend Hasahya for bringing up his children well.

As the family navigates the daily struggle for sustenance, one of Hasahya's wives, Zabina, expressed her dismay, stating that if she had known about the other wives, she might not have agreed to marry him. Two wives have already left, and three others live in a nearby town due to overcrowding.

Yet, when questioned about the loyalty of his wives, Hasahya confidently declared, "They all love me, you see they are happy!" In the midst of financial constraints and the challenges of managing a family of this magnitude, love and contentment remain, even as the family weathers the complexities of their extraordinary lifestyle.

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