Ugandan Lady Tells Men to Stop Giving Ladies Ugx50k After a Date

 Evelyn Mic, the renowned MC, radio, and TV host, has set tongues wagging with her recent critique of men who settle for a mere Ugx 50K after a date. Taking to her former Twitter handle, X, earlier today, Evelyn expressed her dissatisfaction with what she sees as a lackluster gesture from men.

According to Evelyn, women invest significantly in their appearance and preparation for a date, shelling out Ugx 200K for outfits, Ugx 70K for makeup, and Ugx 30K for an Uber ride, not to mention the valuable time they dedicate. Despite these efforts, she highlights that many women find themselves heading home with only Ugx 50K from the men they meet.

Evelyn doesn't hold back in emphasizing the need for men to plan and consider the financial aspects before inviting a woman on a date. She tweeted: “ Giving a woman 50k after a date night is not it men, what is 50k to a woman who came wearing an outfit worth 200k, make up worth 70k, uber of 30k plus her time, all just to come meet a man who is going to send her home with 50k, men please plan well before inviting a woman out.”

Her outspoken stance has ignited a fiery debate online, with netizens divided on whether a date should be more about building connections or if monetary considerations hold weight.

Renown cartoonist Jim Spire Ssentongo reacted; “ If someone expects to be given money by someone in exchange for love/sex, isn’t that another kind of a prostitution. Isn’t the only difference with street prostitutes in mode of operation? One is open, another is disguised“

This discussion echoes sentiments expressed by other public figures, such as Sheilah Gashumba, who previously stated that a man should be prepared to spend a minimum of Ugx 1.8M before going on a date. 

As Evelyn's words reverberate across the internet, it seems the dating landscape in Uganda is under scrutiny, sparking conversations about expectations, gestures, and the balance between personal connections and financial investments.

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