Top NTV Presenter Reveals How Mother Dumped Him and Eight Siblings to Become Pastor in USA


Media personality Dagy Nyce has expressed his deep disappointment with his mother, Pastor Sarah Morgan, who pursued a "Kyeyo life" in the United States, leaving her family and children behind without a second glance.

Having maintained a strained relationship with his mother, Dagy Nyce revealed that over thirty years have passed without a peaceful meeting between them. The last encounter was marked by tension, lacking any semblance of a mother-son relationship.

"I have never had a good relationship with my mother. She left the eight of us with our father and went to America. She made a lot of money and has a church there but never looked back in all the years I have been alive," he shared.

Dagy Nyce disclosed that even during his mother's pastoral duties in Uganda, there has been no effort to connect with the family. Despite invitations, she neither visits them nor reaches out through phone calls or messages.

"She was invited once to Pastor Kayanja's church for a sermon but never called any of us. I was just told that your mother will be preaching at Kayanja's Church," he stated.

Adding another layer to the complex relationship, Dagy Nyce mentioned that his mother offered him any amount of his choice to keep their biological connection private. Pastor Sarah Morgan, currently residing in California, has remarried and has two additional children, bringing the total to ten.

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