Tiktoker Dies After Woman Predicts Her Death: You Will Never Make it to the Labour Room


In a chilling turn of events, the power of words seems to have manifested as a TikTok prediction foretold the tragic demise of Jaber Nar Onagi at Mama Lucy Hospital during childbirth. The active TikToker reportedly succumbed to complications in the labor room, just as a fan on the app had predicted days earlier.

The grieving family and friends of Jaber Nar Onagi are left contemplating whether the statement made on TikTok was a reckless comment or an actual curse, as it tragically unfolded. The ominous prediction from the fan explicitly stated, "I promise you that you will never make it to the final labor room."

The news of the TikToker's death has saddened many Kenyans on social media, prompting an outpouring of condolences and reflections on the nature of the prediction. Some express deep sorrow at the untimely passing, while others raise the unsettling notion that events like these may be linked to the supernatural, emphasizing the realness of witchcraft.

As the online community grapples with the tragic outcome, discussions on the power of words, superstitions, and the impact of social media predictions are emerging in the comment section, where individuals are sharing their thoughts on this distressing incident.

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