Those Questioning my Bullet Wounds are Dogs- Pastor Bugingo


Pastor Aloysius Bugingo has expressed his displeasure with individuals questioning the authenticity of his reported gunshot wounds, labeling them as "dogs" lacking compassion. The pastor, who survived an ambush at the start of the year along with his bodyguard Richard Muhumuza, criticized those seeking details about the incident.

Bugingo, visibly frustrated, dismissed the inquiries, stating that he owes no one an explanation, especially to those he described as "very fake." The incident resulted in the tragic death of his bodyguard due to gunshot wounds, while Bugingo himself sustained injuries.

When asked about the specific location of his gunshot wounds, Bugingo mentioned his back but refrained from providing visual confirmation to skeptics. He asserted that the doubters lacked empathy, likening them to dogs devoid of humanity.

"I have been through so much, and those asking about my gunshot wounds are like dogs. Their lack of understanding shows their stupidity because they can't grasp the pain someone is experiencing," Bugingo commented, emphasizing the insensitivity of those raising questions about his traumatic experience.

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