Teacher Who Attempted to Chew Student Arrested, Two Boxes of Unused Kiss Condoms and Ugx1,000 Found in Pockets


John Senfuma, a teacher at Hillside College Mityana, has been arrested by local authorities after allegedly attempting inappropriate advances towards a female student at her family home.

The shocking incident unfolded when the parents of the minor reportedly ambushed Senfuma and apprehended him after he entered their living room. The confrontation, captured in videos that have since gone viral, depicts Senfuma pleading for mercy from the parents, adding a layer of gravity to the allegations.

Upon arrest, detectives found two boxes of unused 'Kiss' condoms and a Shs 1,000 note in teacher John Senfuma's pockets. 

The teacher had sneaked into her female student's home for sex before being apprehended by the girl's parents. 

According to sources close to the investigation, the arrest comes in the wake of damning evidence discovered by the girl's parents in a series of WhatsApp messages exchanged between Senfuma and their daughter. 

In one particularly troubling message, Senfuma suggested, "Instead of spending money on hiring a room, why can't I give it to you because you need money." The messages also included an unsettling inquiry about the student's safety at home, with Senfuma asking, "Are you safe at home and in a gate?"

The Hillside College Mityana administration has not yet released an official statement on the matter, but local law enforcement is expected to issue a statement later today outlining the charges Senfuma may face.

The incident has ignited a wave of public concern, with social media platforms inundated with the circulating videos and discussions surrounding the broader issue of student safety within educational institutions.

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