Tamale Mirundi Collapses, Rushed to Hospital


Former presidential press secretary and renowned political analyst, Tamale Mirundi, found himself hospitalized on Saturday following a concerning drop in his blood pressure, leading to a loss of consciousness.

In a video that began circulating early on Sunday morning, Tamale Mirundi, known for his bold and outspoken nature, was seen on his sickbed in the hospital. The footage revealed the severity of his condition, indicating a significant drop in his blood pressure that prompted urgent medical attention.

The commentary accompanying the video emphasized that addressing Mirundi's low blood pressure became an immediate priority for the medical team attending to him. Stabilizing his condition took precedence, with ongoing tests aimed at uncovering the root cause of the sudden health crisis.

Tamale Mirundi's outspoken and often controversial commentary on political matters has made him a prominent figure in Uganda. The news of his hospitalization has triggered an outpouring of well-wishes and concerns from the public.

As the medical team continues to work towards stabilizing Tamale Mirundi and identifying the underlying health issues, we extend our heartfelt wishes for his swift and complete recovery.

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