Shock as Man Masquerading as Woman Nabbed in Rubaga


Nsamba Ashraf, operating under the guise of Naira, has been unmasked after successfully impersonating a woman for a staggering two years.

The unsuspecting residents of various households fell victim to Naira's deceit, as he seamlessly integrated himself into their lives, engaging in household chores such as laundry and domestic work, all while concealing his true identity.

Rubaga Division RCC Anderson Burora shed light on the peculiar situation, stating, "INTERESTING. This man has impersonated to be a woman for 2 years. He has been doing laundry and domestic work in various homes. And today, fate went south. Real Names Nsamba Ashraf aka Naira."

The motive behind Naira's extended charade remains unclear. While no explicit information indicates criminal activities, the revelation has sparked discussions about the legality of such impersonations. It is essential to note that wearing attire typically associated with the opposite gender is not inherently illegal; however, legal implications may arise if it is employed for fraudulent purposes, such as extortion.

Ashraf's unmasking as Naira adds another chapter to a recurring tale in Uganda, where multiple cases of men donning women's clothing to deceive others have surfaced over the years. The incident serves as a reminder of the complexities surrounding identity, leaving the community both intrigued and perplexed by the extent some individuals go to maintain a fabricated persona.

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