Security Investigates New Best Hotel-Busega Over Alleged S3x Trafficking

 New Best Hotel-Busega, a popular hangout located on Masaka Road, is currently under investigation by security forces over allegations of sex trafficking. This publication has learned that a raid on the establishment is imminent as authorities gather evidence to substantiate the claims.

Reports suggest that women and young girls are allegedly being held captive, subjected to abuse, and even sold for sex within the confines of the hotel's guest rooms. A courageous victim recently tipped off security, revealing that the proprietors are purportedly involved in trafficking young girls from various parts of the country to exploit them within the hotel.

According to the victim, these girls are lured under false pretenses of employment in cleaning and maintaining hotel rooms. However, upon reaching the facility, they are coerced into engaging in commercial sex work. This involves wearing skimpy outfits, entertaining guests in sauna and massage parlors, and offering sexual services in guest rooms. Shockingly, they are also allegedly compelled to perform explicit erotic dances, including 'kimansulo,' and in some instances, engage in live sex on stage with revelers. Video evidence of these activities has reportedly been obtained.

The victims are said to work tirelessly, day and night, as the hotel operates a multitude of activities, including a bar, soccer, gym, pool table, restaurant, betting, sauna, and massage services. Concerns are raised about the potential exposure of these young women to sexually transmitted diseases due to engaging in unprotected sex with patrons.

Further corroboration of these alarming allegations came from a former employee, 23-year-old Christine Babirye, who was arrested last week. Babirye claimed that she borrowed money from the hotel's supervisor, Tom Bogere, for her daughter's medical treatment. However, upon returning from the hospital, she discovered that her debt had been unfairly doubled by the hotel management. She was subsequently detained at Busega police post before being released on Sunday, January 28, with the intervention of her relatives.

Area leaders are accusing the police of willfully ignoring warning signs of sexual exploitation occurring within the hotel. As the investigation unfolds, the hotel proprietors have been contacted for a comment on the allegations, but as of now, there has been no response.

The community eagerly awaits the outcome of the impending raid and the actions that will be taken to address the shocking allegations against New Best Hotel-Busega.

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