Protect My Dad: Bobi Wine's Daughter Tearfully Prays for Him Before He Sneaks from House Arrest


Uganda's National Unity Platform (NUP) leader, Bobi Wine, experienced an emotional scene as his daughter tearfully prayed for his safety just before he attempted to sneak out of his house arrest. Sharing the touching encounter on Instagram, Bobi Wine revealed the heart-wrenching exchange with his last-born child, Suubi, who expressed deep concern about the potential dangers her father might face.

With armed military personnel and formidable vehicles stationed just outside the politician's gate, their presence aimed to ensure he remained confined within the house. Suubi, having witnessed the harsh treatment meted out to journalists and visitors attempting to access their home, was understandably distressed.

Describing the emotional moment, Bobi Wine recounted, "She had seen the rudeness and brutality with which those military and police guys treated journalists and visitors who tried to access our home." Despite Bobi's attempts to explain the necessity of leaving, Suubi, in her innocence, offered to utter a heartfelt prayer for her father's well-being.

In a sweet and earnest plea to the heavens, little Suubi held her father's hands, fervently asking for God's protection. "I'm asking you for your safety; I am asking you to protect us, protect my father as he goes through this, dear Lord. Save Uganda, save Africa," she beseeched.

Suubi's prayer carried a profound weight as she acknowledged the inherent danger of her father sneaking out. Bobi Wine, touched by his daughter's genuine concern, revealed, "Suubi rarely cries; she is always funny, but she was genuinely concerned. I noticed that her eyes were teary after the short prayer she made." In response, Bobi Wine reassured Suubi, "It is alright, Suubi, don't you cry. I will be safe, and God is watching us." He expressed hope for a future where children won't bear the burden of worry and pain due to their parents' opposition to the rulers of the day. This emotional episode serves as a stark reminder of the personal toll political struggles can exact on families and children who yearn for a brighter, more secure future.

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