Prime Minister Nabbanja Survives Bomb Attack in Entebbe

The Uganda Police police bomb squad on Tuesday evening successfully detonated a hand grenade discovered near Rolex Beach within the Entebbe Botanical Gardens. The discovery came shortly after Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja oversaw the official transition of management of the Gardens from NARO to UWEC earlier in the day. The grenade was found by a diligent cleaner on the premises.

Police released a statement on the incident on Tuesday evening. Read it below;

On January 23rd, 2024, at approximately 6 PM, the DPC of Entebbe Police Division swiftly responded to reports of a suspected explosive device near Rolex Beach within the Botanical Gardens.

Preliminary investigations indicate that the item in question is a non-spent ordnance buried underground for an extended period, becoming exposed due to soil erosion.

Prioritizing public safety, thorough inquiries were conducted, and the scene was meticulously processed and documented. Following the guidance of bomb experts, a controlled explosion was carried out on-site, resulting in no injuries or damages.

The police emphasize the importance of public vigilance and encourage citizens to promptly report any suspicious items. This facilitates a swift police response, ultimately contributing to saving lives. Further details regarding the incident will be communicated at the earliest opportunity. 


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