PHOTOS! UPDF Chopper Crashes Into House, Kills Three

The Ugandan People's Defence Forces (UPDF) find themselves grappling with back-to-back tragedies as another helicopter crash occurred on Tuesday morning, claiming the lives of two pilots and a local resident in the general areas of Karugutu, Ntoroko district. The somber incident comes just three days after an army spy copter crashed in the neighboring district of Kasese, leaving the community in shock and mourning.

The UPDF deputy spokesperson, Colonel Deo Akiki, conveyed the regrettable news, stating in a WhatsApp message, "UPDF AirForce regret to report a Helicopter crash in the general areas of Karugutu- Ntoroko. Details of the crash shall be availed later. But what is clear, it is purely accidental."
The mishap unfolded in Ntoroko-Karugutu when the helicopter crashed into a home of a local resident. The incident has not only claimed the lives of two pilots but has also resulted in the loss of an innocent civilian.
The UPDF has not released the identities of the deceased at the time of this report.

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