Pastor Bugingo: I Was Shot in the Back


Pastor Aloysius Bugingo recounted the terrifying events of Tuesday night when he narrowly escaped an apparent assassination attempt. Addressing members of his church, House of Prayer Ministries International, Pastor Bugingo revealed that he had been shot in the back and left shoulder during the attack in Namungoona, Rubaga Division, Kampala.

Unbuttoning his shirt to reveal bandages on his back, Pastor Bugingo explained, "I sustained an injury on my back and my left-hand side shoulder as you can see. When the attacker(s) started firing bullets through my co-driver's seat, I hid under the steering wheel, and that is how I survived. Unfortunately, my church member didn't because most of the bullets hit him."

The alleged assailants ambushed Pastor Bugingo's vehicle at Bwalakata Junction in Kasubi around 9 pm on Tuesday. He was accompanied by his bodyguard, Corporal Richard Muhumuza, a member of the elite Special Forces Command. Tragically, Corporal Muhumuza lost his life in the attack.

"I lost someone who is irreplaceable. He is a hero. He died for the cause. I commit myself to taking care of his family. They will never lack anything. I will do everything for them until my last day in the world," Pastor Bugingo said, expressing deep grief over the loss without specifying the cause behind Corporal Muhumuza's sacrifice.

Reflecting on the incident, Pastor Bugingo thanked God for a second chance at life but expressed the emotional toll of the traumatic experience. He urged Ugandans not to make light of others' challenges and emphasized the importance of forgiveness.

"Don't hide hatred in the heart. Don't overload your heart with negative thoughts, and don't celebrate when other people are facing challenges," he advised.

A senior police officer, Mr Apollo Kabandize, revealed that the pastor had informed him that the attackers targeted him when he slowed down at a road hump. Corporal Muhumuza is set to be laid to rest today at his ancestral home in Ssembalule District.

Pastor Bugingo described Corporal Muhumuza as a part of his family and a dedicated employee who had served him for the past 10 months. The pastor extended his support to the deceased's family, including the widow and a two-month-old son, along with other children attending secondary school.

Since the incident, members of the House of Prayer Ministries International, neighbors, and government officials have rallied around Pastor Bugingo. Despite the mournful atmosphere, the pastor and his wife, Ms. Susan Makula, attended to guests, with believers offering words of hope and commending him for guiding Ugandans through prayer and promoting love for God.

Recalling the immediate aftermath of the attack, Pastor Bugingo explained that his first instinct had been to drive towards the nearby Lubigi Wetland but changed course, fearing another assault. "God guided me to Mulago National Referral Hospital. I chose Mulago because I was assured of safety [there], unlike nearby private facilities which I feared would be harboring killers,” he said. The pastor now awaits a thorough investigation into the incident while expressing gratitude for the outpouring of support from the community.

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