Parents Left Cursing As Pupils Struggle in PLE, K'la Top Schools Did Not Excel With Aggregate Fours


The Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB) unveiled the results of the 2023 Primary Leaving Examination (PLE) on Thursday, leaving parents disheartened as top schools experienced a notable decline in the number of students scoring aggregate fours.

In total, 749,254 candidates from 15,859 schools participated in the examination, marking a decrease from the previous year. Among these candidates, 501,602 were Universal Primary Education (UPE) beneficiaries, and 247,652 were non-UPE candidates.

Gender analysis revealed that 52.25% of the candidates were girls, outnumbering boys who accounted for 47.75%.

However, parents were left in dismay as pupils failed to achieve the coveted aggregate four in the 2023 PLE. Traditionally high-performing schools reported a significant drop in the number of students achieving this top-tier score.

Hillside Naalya, for instance, recorded only seven pupils with an aggregate of four this year, compared to the previous year's impressive 99 pupils. Greenhill Kibuli and Greenhill Buwate reported three and two aggregate fours, respectively. Kampala Parents and City Parents recorded five and four aggregate fours, respectively.

Notable Decline in Top Schools: PLE Aggregate 4s

  • Hillside Naalya: 7
  • Greenhill Kibuli: 3
  • Greenhill Buwate: 2
  • Kampala Parents: 5
  • City Parents: 4

St Savio Junior School reported 215 pupils with a first-grade, 10 with a second-grade, and only 5 aggregate fours.

Mugwanya Preparatory School Kabojja, which traditionally performed well, recorded 119 first-grade students, 18 with a second-grade, and a noticeable decline in the number of aggregate fours.

As parents grapple with the unexpected results, questions arise about the factors contributing to the decline in top schools' performance. The UNEB results highlight the need for a closer examination of the education system, curriculum, and teaching methodologies to address the challenges faced by students in achieving top scores.

The Buzz on Education Street continues as parents, educators, and policymakers contemplate the implications of this surprising turn of events in the 2023 PLE results. Stay tuned for further analysis and reactions in the coming days.

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