Opposition Leader Joel Ssennyonyi Warns Government Over Re-allocation Of LC Polls Money

 In the Picture is the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, Mr. Joel Ssennyony

 The Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, Mr Joel Ssennyonyi, has issued a stern warning to the government, emphasizing the importance of addressing issues related to local leadership.

His caution comes in response to the announcement by the Local Government Minister, Raphael Magyezi, who declared an additional three-month extension for the term of office for Local Council 1 and 2 chairpersons, effective from January 6, 2024. 

Magyezi attributed this extension to a lack of funding and the ongoing efforts to harmonize all administrative units nationwide.

In an exclusive interview with KFM, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance and Secretary to the Treasury, Ramadhan Ggoobi, confirmed that funds earmarked for conducting local council elections had been redirected based on government priorities.

However, Ssenyonyi, in his conversation with KFM, insisted that those responsible for reallocating these resources must provide a formal explanation to Parliament, which initially approved the allocation.

"One of the significant challenges with this government is its handling of taxpayers’ money. There are instances of money being misappropriated, not accounted for, and unlawfully moved around. Parliament allocated funds for LC elections, and now these funds have been reallocated to other priorities. What are these priorities, and why the shift? This is once again an illegality that the ministry must address before Parliament," Ssenyonyi conveyed to KFM.

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