NRM to Front Cecilia Ogwal's Daughter for Dokolo Woman MP Seat

The local mobilizers of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) in Lango are urging Dr. Rosemary Ogwal Alwoc, daughter and firstborn of the late Cecilia Ogwal, to consider contesting the Dokolo Woman MP Seat in the upcoming by-elections. The need for a by-election arises following the imminent burial of Imat, scheduled for Saturday in Kole district's Alito Sub County.

Despite being comfortably married and employed in the United Kingdom, Dr. Alwoc's name has been floated as a potential candidate for the ruling party in the by-election. While she remains indifferent to the proposal, local NRM mobilizers believe her candidacy would be a sure victory, considering the sympathy vote often extended to the children or spouses of deceased legislators in Uganda.

Dr. Alwoc, who completed her elementary education at Buganda Road Primary School in Kampala and secondary education at Mt St. Mary's Namagunga, pursued medicine at Makerere University before relocating abroad for work and residence. However, sources indicate that she faces resistance from some of the Ogwal siblings who are averse to politics, having witnessed the challenges it brought to their late mother, Cecilia Ogwal Nalongo.

Additionally, a section of NRM cadres in Lango opposes the idea of Dr. Alwoc being given the NRM flag, arguing that it would be perceived as ungrateful to Cecilia Ogwal, who previously contested against her for the Dokolo Woman MP slot. Despite these reservations, the fondness with which President Museveni praised Cecilia Ogwal during the Monday vigil at Parliament makes it challenging for anyone to convince him not to support her daughter, even if she were to run on a ticket other than the NRM.

During the vigil, President Museveni commended Cecilia Ogwal, referring to her as his sister, and highlighted her integrity by stating that she never used her membership in lucrative parliamentary committees for personal gain through blackmail or extortion of accounting officers.

As the political landscape unfolds in the aftermath of Cecilia Ogwal's passing, Dr. Rosemary Ogwal Alwoc finds herself at the center of complex political considerations, with the by-elections set to shape the political future of the Dokolo Woman MP seat. 


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  1. Y daughter, so that they can easily manupilate her and she can't talk any more, I never like this kind of succession that has been taking place coz there are figures from such areas who do better than the daughters or sons . There fore, understand that she could have been sharing her idealogies with others but not wanting to involve family into politics please. 👌👌👌


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