Music Duo Kataleya and Kandle Splits After Finding Out They're Bonking Same Man


The harmonious melodies of Ugandan singing duo Kataleya and Kandle are reportedly hitting a sour note as the talented pair is said to have parted ways after three years of musical partnership and what seemed to be an unbreakable friendship.

The musical journey of these two rising stars began in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2021. Claiming to have discovered their shared passion for singing at a birthday bash, Kataleya and Kandle swiftly rose to prominence as a dynamic female duo in the Ugandan music scene.

However, the harmony has allegedly crumbled into disarray as reports emerge of a tumultuous fallout between the once-inseparable friends. According to Kayz, a former NBS Television presenter, the rift between Kataleya and Kandle was triggered by a startling revelation – both singers had been romantically involved with the same man.

The scandalous love triangle has apparently torn apart the musical companions, exposing a layer of drama that fans never anticipated. Kayz, shedding light on the situation, also hinted at a darker side to the duo's story – a battle with depression fueled by their alleged use of drugs.

"Whopper war: Kataleya and Kandle, singing duo on the verge of splitting. Depressed girls group, better known for their songs like 'Do Me I DO YOU,' is on the verge of splitting. Sources say that the two have been bedding one man. Management also invested too much but reaped stones, choosing not to invest anymore after the release of their Album in late August. It’s also alleged that the girl group is undergoing depression due to the usage of drugs," Kayz sensationally posted.

As fans brace for the aftermath of this shocking revelation, the music industry is left to wonder whether this explosive split will mark the end of an era or serve as a catalyst for new beginnings in the tumultuous world of showbiz. Stay tuned for more updates on this riveting saga that has Ugandan entertainment aficionados on the edge of their seats!

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