Museveni Gifts Pastor Bugingo Brand New SUV Car After Assassination Attempt


President Museveni reached out to Pastor Aloysius Bugingo on Wednesday afternoon to express his sympathies following the highly publicized assassination attempt the prominent religious figure survived the night before. 

The President's son, Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba, currently abroad, also expressed concern on social media, demanding strict action against the perpetrators and measures to prevent similar incidents.

Shortly after the phone conversation, President Museveni took tangible steps to ensure the safety of the pastor by dispatching a team of assistants from State House. 

They delivered a brand new SUV vehicle, identical to the one that had been targeted in the attack, to Bugingo. The gesture underlines the President's commitment to the security and well-being of the influential supporter who has steadfastly promoted the ruling National Resistance Movement throughout his celebrity life.

The handover of the impressive vehicle occurred at Bugingo's Namayumba residence, where he spent the day receiving visitors and well-wishers.

 It was emphasized that this was just the initial step in President Museveni's broader plan to enhance the personal security of Pastor Bugingo both at home and in his workplace. 

The monster ride serves as a temporary measure while the President's team procures an even more fortified vehicle befitting the high-flying status that Bugingo has cultivated over the years.

Pastor Bugingo was attacked on Tuesday night and his vehicle sprayed with bullets leaving his assistant, an SFC soldier, Richard Muhumuza, dead. 


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  1. The best thing you Mr.President can do for all of us in this wonderful east of African region is to run again but make sure you have someone that can replace you once you have setup or prioritized strengthening law enforcement agencies to ensure that they have the resources and training to effectively investigate and prevent assassinations.. Believe me Rwanda has done that to a certain degree . Additionally, I would focus on promoting a culture of accountability and transparency to discourage individuals from resorting to violence as a means of protecting their interests. It's important to address the root cause of these killings otherwise the future will be looking like .. #EastAfrican

  2. We thank God that pastor bugingo survived. And we have to be careful in life everyone is your enemy and everyone is your saviour


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