Man known for dating Facebook friends, robbing them at knife point, arrested

The KMP Crime Intelligence Division, in collaboration with KMP North and Wakiso, has apprehended a man linked to a series of knife-point robberies.

Identified as Steven Odongkara, 28, an electrician from Bulaga “B” village in Wakiso, the suspect engaged with Namiiro Jemima on Facebook on 14.11.2023. They agreed to meet in Kasasa Bulaga village for a date. During their encounter, Odongkara brandished a knife, injuring the victim's right hand, snatching her bag, and fleeing the scene. The 27-year-old victim from Najjanankumbi reported the incident on 22.11.2023, leading to Odongkara's arrest on 27.12.2023. A search recovered a knife, and the suspect confessed to luring and robbing women on Facebook.

Police spokesperson Enanga emphasized caution when seeking online relationships, advising meeting in public places and implementing a Buddy System, sharing details with a friend before going on dates. Enanga stressed the importance of initial meetings in public spaces, like bars or restaurants, before considering more private arrangements. 

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