INSIDE STORY! Tamale Mirundi and Son Fall Out Over Bugingo Controversial Assassination Attempt


In the turbulent saga between the Mirundis, the clash over the Bugingo story has unraveled a family drama of epic proportions. The generational strife, fueled by divergent views on the alleged assassination attempt on Pastor Aloysius Bugingo, has exposed a deep chasm within the Mirundi household.

Senior Mirundi, known for his outspoken nature, ignited the feud by claiming in YouTube interviews that he had physically clashed with his son. The senior Mirundi went further, disowning his own flesh and blood, leveling accusations of theft and homosexuality against the younger Tamale.

In a retaliatory move documented on TikTok, Mirundi Junior not only announced the severance of ties with his father but also vehemently disavowed Senior Mirundi. "You disowned me. I don't claim you as a father either. You will never see me again," he declared, drawing a clear line in the sand.

The root of this familial fallout lies in the differing stances adopted by the Mirundis regarding the Bugingo incident. Senior Mirundi staunchly defended the pastor, attributing the alleged attack to external forces and shielding Bugingo from blame. He even went as far as implicating others in the crime.

On the flip side, Mirundi Junior chose a more critical approach. Questioning the official narrative surrounding the alleged assassination attempt, he punched holes into the story, refusing to blindly support Bugingo. The family schism extends beyond individual opinions and takes the form of a complex divide, mirroring the broader societal debate surrounding the incident.

Crucially, the Mirundis' connection with Pastor Bugingo adds an additional layer to the dispute. Senior Mirundi, claiming indebtedness to the pastor for covering medical bills, sought allegiance from his son in defending Bugingo. However, Junior rejected this obligation, asserting that loyalty shouldn't compromise his values.

The fallout between Tamale Mirundi and his son serves as a riveting chapter in the ongoing narrative of the Bugingo controversy, highlighting the profound impact of differing perspectives on familial bonds.

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