" I Still Have Doubts About Late Mowzey Radio's Death" Lillian Mbabazi

During the Tusker Malt Conversessions, songstress Lillian Mbabazi made poignant revelations, shedding light on her perceptions about the late Mowzey Radio’s relationships and the lingering doubts she harbours regarding his untimely passing.

Amidst reflections on their shared history, Lillian revealed an emotional observation: those who held a deep affection for Mowzey Radio might not have been physically close to him. This sentiment subtly questioned the common correlation between physical proximity and the sincerity of emotional bonds Radio had. Her words echoed a complex truth often overlooked in the public eye—the depth of love isn’t always reflected in geographical closeness.

“Moses’ passing was just different I have never lost anyone close to me, I have lost people but losing a father of my children was such a big challenge in my life. The worst part about it is that I got to know the people who were around him. And, in my mind, I felt like Moses really didn’t even have friends and if he had, they are counted on the fingers. The friends who loved him and cared about him were people who were not even close to him. He had different people around him and the exposure after his death …..” she tearfully shared amidst emotional reflection.

The singer’s remarks extended beyond personal connections, delving into the lingering doubts surrounding Mowzey Radio’s passing. Her introspective tone hinted at a quest for understanding, inviting contemplation on the circumstances that shrouded Mowzey’s tragic departure. In unveiling these uncertainties, Lillian has unveiled a layer of vulnerability, that is to spark introspection among those who loved Mowzey and has also ignited discussions about the mysteries surrounding the beloved artist’s demise.

“His death I don’t even want to talk about it, because I still don’t believe he died that way. I don’t believe he died the way they say he died and I believe he didn’t even die on the date that he died! …this was a lot for me but the beautiful thing is that my love for the almighty father became more, because He pulled me from that dark place which was killing me. Because everywhere I passed his music was playing…” she said.

In a somber mood, she added; “Moses’s thing is too emotional for me it’s never gonna stop because I really miss the fact that he is not here to see his kids growing up….i had so many things that I went through and I can not say them on air because I don’t have evidence about it but I know that there was a foul play, I know that there was something that happened which was not right, the math was not mathing …..when someone comes out at the hospital and holds a press conference and say ‘no I don’t think we need a postmortem…’ you look at them and ask why? I do remember praying to God because I was so mad.. I can not speak on that because I don’t know but I believe the people who know one day will come out on their own will and say something because the Lord told me ‘Lilian leave it, vengeance is mine.’”

With her revelations, Lillian Mbabazi not only shared her personal thoughts but also prompted a deeper exploration of the intricate dynamics of relationships and the complexities that enshroud loss and grief. Her words served as a heartbreaking reminder that the true depth of affection and connection transcends physical boundaries, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those who genuinely loved Mowzey Radio.

Lillian and Mowzey were parents to two children. At the time of Mowzey’s tragic passing, Lillian had relocated to Rwanda.

Moses Nakintije Ssekibogo, widely known as Mowzey Radio, tragically passed away on February 1st, 2018, at Case Medical Center. His passing came after a week-long battle in a coma resulting from a head injury sustained during a confrontation.

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