How Stabbed LGBTQ Activist Was Smuggled Out of Uganda By Diplomatic Vehicle

 In a covert operation, renowned LGBT activist Steven Kabuye was discreetly transported out of the country using a diplomatic vehicle via Entebbe International Airport last week, according to exclusive information obtained by theGrapevine.

Sources close to Kabuye, who recently suffered a violent attack allegedly orchestrated by anti-gay activists, disclosed that he was assisted in leaving the country to seek specialized treatment in the United States of America.

Earlier this month, disturbing images circulated on social media, depicting Kabuye with a severe hand injury sustained during the attack. He was promptly taken to a medical facility in Kitende along Entebbe road for immediate treatment.

The Coloured Voices Media Foundation-Truth to LGBTQ Uganda, an umbrella organization formed by Kabuye's friends, claims that the activist was assaulted while commuting from his residence along Entebbe road to his workplace. The police initiated an investigation into the incident.

However, insiders close to Kabuye revealed to theGrapevine, a local online news outlet that they reached out to a prominent embassy in the country, seeking assistance. They alleged that Kabuye was effectively detained, denied communication with relatives and friends, and barred from receiving visitors by the police.

According to sources, the embassy devised a clandestine plan, arranging for Kabuye to be transferred from the hospital to the airport in a diplomatic vehicle. The activist was then covertly smuggled out of the country. Kabuye is expected to address the media in the coming week, shedding light on the circumstances surrounding his departure.

This development occurs amidst heightened tensions between President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni's government and western nations, particularly the United States, over the controversial gay law recently passed in Uganda. The law, which is currently under constitutional review, has strained diplomatic relations, prompting actions such as the suspension of cooperation by international bodies, including the World Bank.

In response to the anti-gay legislation, the United States removed Uganda from the beneficiaries of the AGOA market, citing human rights violations. As Uganda grapples with the repercussions of these decisions, Kabuye's departure underscores the challenges faced by LGBTQ activists amid an increasingly hostile environment.

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