High School Teacher Who Attempted to Chew Student Set Free


Kato John Ssenfuma, the 40-year-old teacher from Mityana, who was recently arrested on allegations of attempting to defile a 15-year-old student, has been released on bond by Kanyanya Police. The development has stirred discussions and reactions across social media platforms.

Ssenfuma's release on bond follows his detention at Kanyanya Police after being apprehended in Kyebando Erisa Zone on January 13, 2024. The incident unfolded when the student's guardian, aware of Ssenfuma's communication with the student through monitored WhatsApp messages, lured him into visiting the student's home.

The teacher, who is a resident of Mukono and works at Hillside College in Mityana, was found in possession of unused 'Kiss' condoms and Shs1,000 during his arrest. The investigating officers have meticulously prepared the case, and it is pending resubmission for sanctioning, after which the suspect will face charges as determined by the Prosecution


Ssenfuma's release on bond has ignited mixed reactions, with some expressing relief for his temporary freedom, while others continue to demand justice for the alleged misconduct. The case now awaits further legal proceedings as the justice system determines the appropriate course of action.

As the news circulates on social media, it has raised broader discussions about the need for vigilance in schools and the responsibility of educators in ensuring a safe and conducive environment for students. The developments in this case will undoubtedly be closely monitored by the public as it moves through the legal process.

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