Fort Portal woman arrested for stealing baby from hospital


A 20-year-old woman is currently in custody at Fort Portal City police, accused of abducting a newborn from Fort Portal Regional Referral Hospital. The suspect, identified as Akugizibwe Consolate, a resident of Rwengoma 'A'1, Rwengoma ward, central Division Fort Portal City, was apprehended following an incident on the night of January 10, 2024.

Vincent Twesige, the Rwenzori West regional police spokesperson, provided details of the incident. According to Twesige, Consolate, who was at the hospital for childbirth preparations, fell victim to a deceptive act on the night in question. An unidentified woman, posing as a concerned citizen, seized the opportunity when the caretaker, Agnes Katumwine, briefly left the maternity ward to find food. The imposter then abducted the baby.

The incident was promptly reported to the police, initiating an investigation that led to the arrest of Consolate at her residence on Thursday.

Twesige shed light on the suspect's deceptive actions, revealing that she had falsely claimed pregnancy to her boyfriend, who lived separately. The elaborate deception reached its climax when she called him on Wednesday, informing him of the supposed delivery and requesting Shs400,000 for the hospital bill.

The police spokesperson did not provide further details on the motive behind the alleged abduction but assured that a thorough investigation was underway. The detained woman is expected to face charges related to child abduction and deception. The authorities are also working to ensure the safe return of the newborn to the rightful parents.

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