EC Wants Government To Amend Local Government Act Regulations

The Chairperson of the Electoral Commission, Justice Simon Byabakama, has suggested that the government should consider making amendments to the Local Government Act regulations to incorporate LC1 and 2 elections within the framework of general elections.

Justice Byabakama pointed out that the roadmap for general elections, as outlined in Article 61 Close 2 of the Constitution, currently only encompasses Presidential, Parliamentary, and Local Government elections. Any elections for administrative units not specified in Article 61 would necessitate legal amendments.

"Elections for LC1 and 2 are not classified as part of the general elections under Article 6 Close 1 of the Constitution. If the authorities wish to include them, there might be a need to review and amend the laws related to these administrative unit elections," Byabakama stated.

These remarks come amid unconfirmed reports suggesting government plans to postpone LC1 and 2 elections until 2026 to reduce expenses. Recently, the Minister of Local Government, Mr Raphael Magyezi, announced a three-month extension for the term of office for LC 1 and 2 chairpersons due to financial constraints.

The Electoral Commission had initially budgeted nearly Shs59 billion for organizing elections for local councils at the village and parish levels. The ongoing discussions highlight the need for a comprehensive review of election procedures and regulations to streamline administrative unit elections within the broader context of general elections.

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