DOCUMENTARY! Prophet TB Joshua would break virginities, take bedsheets stained with blood to prayer mountain


In a startling revelation, a former disciple of the late Prophet TB Joshua has come forward, shedding light on disturbing practices allegedly carried out by the founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN). The disclosure comes in the wake of a recent investigative report by BBC Africa that exposed various allegations, including sexual abuse, surrounding the renowned man of God.

According to the former disciple, her assigned task was to source virgins for TB Joshua, who instructed her to bring them for his pleasure. Initially told they would be trained as disciples in the house of God, the reality took a dark turn during the evenings.

In a video shared by BBC Africa, the elderly female disciple unveiled the shocking details of her experiences. She claimed that, contrary to the promised spiritual training, TB Joshua allegedly engaged in the deflowering of young women, taking advantage of his position of authority.

The former disciple went on to reveal that after violating their virginity, TB Joshua would reportedly take the blood-stained bedsheets to prayer mountains. The implication of such actions, as alleged by the ex-disciple, adds a sinister layer to the controversy surrounding the late prophet.

These revelations add fuel to the fire ignited by the recent BBC Africa report, which brought to light a range of accusations against TB Joshua, including sexual misconduct and abuse within the SCOAN. As the investigations unfold, the shocking nature of these allegations continues to send shockwaves through the religious community and beyond.

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