Bweyogerere Man Kills Wife, Commits Suicide


Authorities in Kira division are currently probing the circumstances surrounding a distressing incident where a young couple is suspected to have fought to the death inside their residence. The incident occurred on January 23 at around 11 pm in Kireku Railway Zone, Bweyogerere Division, Kira Municipality, Wakiso district.

Local defense secretary Latif Waiswa received reports from concerned residents regarding blood seeping from a locked house. Upon breaking the door, they discovered the lifeless bodies of Jesca Acen, 29, and Kenneth Ogwal, 28, identified as a couple residing in the rented room.

Deputy spokesperson for Kampala Metropolitan Police, Luke Owoyesigyire, revealed that upon learning about the incident, the defense secretary promptly alerted Bweyogerere Police, leading to a swift response.

"A police team secured the scene and gathered statements from neighbors, who revealed that the victims were a couple, suggesting a tragic outcome of domestic violence," stated Owoyesigyire.

During the investigation at the crime scene, police detectives recovered a knife believed to be the murder weapon used by the deceased couple. The bodies were conveyed to KCCA mortuary Mulago for a thorough postmortem examination.

"Preliminary findings exposed a grim reality where Jesca Acen bore multiple fresh wounds, particularly around her neck, while Ogwal Kenneth, presumed to be the assailant, had a cut around his neck," added Owoyesigyire.

The crime scene depicted a violent struggle, with bloodstains visible on the mattress where the couple was sleeping. This incident echoes a similar occurrence in Kibuli, Kampala, in December, where another young couple fought to the death in their single rented room.

Reports suggest that infidelity may be a contributing factor to domestic violence among young couples, underscoring the need for awareness and intervention to prevent such tragic outcomes. The investigation continues to unravel the circumstances leading to this distressing incident.

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