BUGINGO SHOOTING! Pastor Bugingo Fires Head of Security After CMI Interrogation


Pastor Aloysius Bugingo, the leader of the House of Prayer Ministries International (HPMI) has terminated the services of Simon Peter Kaswabuli, the longtime head of security for both the church and Salt FM premises.

Simon Peter Kaswabuli Watch, currently serving as the Deputy Resident City Commissioner (RCC) for Mbarara City, had been a trusted ally of Pastor Bugingo for over 13 years. Responsible for security and event organization, Kaswabuli's role extended to overseeing the pastor's large-scale crusades at various venues, including Canaan land, Kololo Ceremonial Grounds, Namboole Stadium, and major upcountry towns.

Trouble began when reports reached Pastor Bugingo, suggesting that Kaswabuli was colluding with perceived enemies, possibly linked to Bugingo's estranged wife Teddy, to undermine his interests. In a confrontation, Kaswabuli vehemently denied the allegations, leading to a strained relationship between the two.

The situation escalated with the discovery that Dennis Mukulu, a former Church Administrator, had been acting as a double agent within the organization, sharing sensitive information with external parties. Mukulu's connection to Kaswabuli, including co-ownership in a security company, raised suspicions and prompted his dismissal.

The recent attempt on Pastor Bugingo's life further intensified scrutiny on Kaswabuli. He was the first to arrive at Mulago Hospital and the mortuary, raising questions about how he learned of the shooting. Leveraging his connections, Kaswabuli took control of Bugingo's bullet-riddled vehicle, relocating it to Naguru-based Police headquarters without consulting the pastor or his family.

Following two interrogations by the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI), Kaswabuli received a termination letter from Bugingo. The letter, copied to high-ranking officials, thanked Kaswabuli for his years of service but cited advice from the UPDF and Police to facilitate his exit. The termination covers security services at Canaan, Lungujja, and Bugingo's residences.

Compelled by both UPDF and Uganda Police officers at Canaan, Kaswabuli removed his belongings, including firearms for his private security company, ECCOZ Security Services Ltd. Bugingo expressed readiness to settle any pending payments related to security services.

Despite initial resistance, Kaswabuli succumbed to the forceful demand to vacate the premises. He was later taken back to CMI for further interrogation. Investigations into the assassination attempt on Pastor Bugingo continue, with Kaswabuli's role in the unfolding events under scrutiny.

The termination marks the end of a longstanding association between Pastor Bugingo and Simon Peter Kaswabuli Watch, leaving the House of Prayer Ministries International to navigate a new chapter in its security management.

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