Budaka Father Knocks Son Dead While Learning to Drive New Car


Budaka District, Uganda, witnessed a heart-wrenching tragedy as a father accidentally ran over his son while learning to drive his newly acquired car. The incident unfolded in Bwikomba village, prompting a search for Amuza Wakwamulya, the distraught father, who fled the scene following the tragic accident.

According to police spokesperson SP Samuel Semewo, Wakwamulya was attempting to reverse his newly acquired truck when the unthinkable occurred. His son, identified as Lisuguli, was playing near the vehicle and was unaware of his father's maneuvers. Eyewitnesses, requesting anonymity, revealed that Wakwamulya had tried to shoo away three children playing near the truck but was unaware of Lisuguli's position behind the vehicle.

Tragically, Lisuguli succumbed to the impact and lost his life instantly. His lifeless body was transported to Budaka Health Center IV for a post-mortem examination before being released to the grieving family for burial. The truck involved in the accident has been towed to the police yard for a thorough inspection.

Amuza Wakwamulya is currently at large, and police are actively searching for him. The circumstances surrounding his disappearance remain unclear, leaving unanswered questions about whether he will face charges upon apprehension. The incident has left the community in shock and serves as a poignant reminder of the unexpected tragedies that can unfold even in the course of routine activities.

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