BLOCK BUSTER AUDIO! Student Confesses Mityana Hillside Teacher John Senfuma Was Framed


In a shocking turn of events, the case against John Senfuma, a 40-year-old teacher from Mityana accused of attempting to defile a 15-year-old student, has taken a dramatic twist. The alleged victim, in an audio recording, disclosed that her parents framed Senfuma, leading to his recent release from Kanyanya Police custody.

The student, whose identity remains confidential, clarified that it wasn't her engaging in WhatsApp conversations with the teacher but her parents using her phone. The revelation has sent ripples across social media, shifting public sentiment from condemning Senfuma to questioning the motives behind the false accusations.

Listen to audio below;

Senfuma, a teacher at Hillside College in Mityana, had been arrested on January 13, 2024, following suspicions raised by the student's family. The family, reportedly monitoring the student's phone, discovered communication between Senfuma and the student. However, it was later revealed that the guardian orchestrated the exchanges to trap the teacher.

Upon the teacher's arrival at the student's guardian's home in Kyebando Erisa Zone, he was apprehended and subsequently detained. The police reported finding Senfuma in possession of unused 'Kiss' condoms and Shs1,000 during the arrest.

Senfuma's release was met with jubilation from his family, who had eagerly awaited his return from the unjust shackles of jail. The incident has sparked widespread discussions on the importance of thoroughly investigating allegations before rushing to judgment, urging a cautious approach to avoid tarnishing innocent lives. As the truth unfolds, many now call for accountability on the part of those who orchestrated the false accusations against John Senfuma.

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