ABIRIGA MURDER! How Wife Killed Husband After Failing to Murder Co-Wife


Startling revelations have emerged from the police investigation into the brutal killing of Dr. Jino Abiriga Jino, the former District Health Officer of Masindi. Fred Enanga, the police spokesperson, shared grim details indicating that the murder was not only premeditated but also involved a sinister plot masterminded by the widow, Betty Cherotic, who allegedly hired contract killers to carry out the heinous crime.

Conducted by the Criminal Investigation Directorate (CID) in collaboration with regional police teams and the Flying Squad, the investigation unveiled a nefarious scheme that unfolded in multiple stages.

Enanga disclosed that the motive behind the murder stemmed from marital discord, jealousy, and suspicions of infidelity. According to him, the plot began after Cherotic Betty learned about her husband's relationship with a woman named Atuhura Susan in Masindi.

To eliminate Atuhura Susan, Cherotic Betty initially attempted to set fire to her house, a plan thwarted by vigilant neighbors. Undeterred, she proceeded to hire a contract killer, Kipisang Martin, at the cost of 2.5 million Ugandan Shillings on December 11, 2023. However, the initial attempt failed when the intended victim did not appear at the expected location, despite a 500,000 Ugandan Shilling payment sent by Cherotic Betty on December 18, 2023.

Shifting her focus to her husband, Cherotic accused him of various wrongdoings, including the death of their firstborn, miscarriage of twins, and alleged insults about her sexual performance. She then tasked Martin Kipiang to find another person to assist in the murder.

On December 26, 2023, Kipisang, accompanied by the newly recruited Joshua Namureng, attempted to carry out the murder. The plan failed when the doctor woke up and closed the door left open for entry by Cherotic Betty.

Undeterred, the trio made another attempt on January 6, 2024, at Valentine's Guest House. Alerted by Cherotic Betty that her husband was deeply asleep, they found the gate open and entered the bedroom armed with two golf sticks. Enanga revealed, "They found when the victim was asleep and they hit him on the head with the handhoe stick, dragged the body to the floor, and then they slit the throat of the late doctor."

Following the murder, the suspects cleaned the crime scene, dressed the deceased in new clothing, and dumped the body 50 meters away from the gate. The male suspects disposed of bloodstained clothes in a pit latrine at Valentine's Guest House before leaving Masindi Municipality on January 7, 2024, at 5:30 a.m for Bukwo.

All three suspects, including Cherotic, Kipisang, and Namureng, have admitted their involvement in the heinous crime. Enanga highlighted the recovery of various exhibits, including the deceased's shoes with the suspects, clothes worn on the day of the murder, and submitted samples for forensic analysis retrieved from Bulyasojo cell. A bag containing a pillow cover, a moping rug, the deceased's work ID, and several bloodstained clothes was also retrieved from the latrine at Valentine's Guest House.

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